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Every Friday I post a "Remake Battle" on Facebook and Instagram for everyone to vote and chime in with comments, GIFs, pictures, and favorite memories. -> -> ->                  At this time Facebook has put a halt on running polls. As soon as this feature is functioning again, the Remake Battles will resume.

Rebekah Millet

 Christian Romance Author

     A New Orleans native, I grew up on beignets and cafe au lait, and love infusing my colorful culture into my stories. My husband goes crazy with me rearranging the living room furniture, while my kids share in my love for strawberry Pop-Tarts.

     Extra time is spent target shooting, antiquing, watching The Great British Baking Show, Marvel movies, and fangirling over my favorite authors on social media. As a reader I enjoy Christian romances, mysteries, classics, and biographies on people from King Henry VIII to Andre Agassi. 


Monthly Book Giveaway

The first Monday of each month I give away a book from one of my favorite authors. Check out my Facebook page for details.

Interviews, Blog Posts & Newsletters

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