A New Orleans native, I grew up on jambalaya and king cakes. But if I had my pick of anywhere else to live, I'd plop myself right down on a Florida beach. Math is my #1 enemy with spiders running a close second. Favorites of mine are chocolate doberge cake, genuine laughter, and super hero movies. I have a black thumb in gardening and speak fluent Seinfeldese. My husband goes crazy with me rearranging the living room furniture. I drive my kids nutty making low-carb desserts which never pan out (pun intended). Extra time is spent antiquing, shooting guns, pining over Downton Abbey, and fangirling over my favorite authors on social media.

As a reader I devour Christian romances, YA, classics, adventure and biographies on people from King Henry the VIII to Cary Grant. I love talking about books with my girls in the Time Zones Will Not Defeat Us Book Club. We span six countries, but still have loads of fun!

Rebekah Millet

Christian Romance Author