Christian Romance Author

Rebekah Millet

​​​​​​​Stubborn Southern Hearts (In progress) Cascade Award Finalist 

Since the death of her parents, Raven Sawyer’s life has been on pause, along with her relationship with God. Seven years later, she’s with the same mom-approved guy, living in the same small Louisiana town, clinging to her only aspiration—not wanting to disappoint her parent’s wishes. Due to the elimination of her teaching position, her bank account is dwindling, and her grasp on the historical building her parents had hoped to own, is slipping.

Jackson Graham’s ready for a career change. But the insecurities he harbors from a learning disability leave his goal of trading acting for teaching harder than he thinks. To make matters more difficult, his friend’s recent dedication to Jesus has Jackson examining his own heart, one that’s been closed off to truly trusting others, including God.

Raven needs money to keep her parent’s building. Jackson requires a tutor to help him manage his learning disability and keep him on-track with his teaching courses. Together, will they realize clutching the past will only destroy their futures?

Sweet Southern Dreams  (In progress) ACFW First Impressions Award Winner, TBLA Finalist (contest still ongoing)

Melanie Carson’s been avoiding her alcoholic mom since turning eighteen. Seven years later, she has the chance to stop the exhausting traveling as a film PA, and start her own business as a personal assistant in her beloved hometown in Louisiana. But the threat of being around her mom, and the secrets she’s kept for her, leaves Melanie antsy about committing to her dream job and replanting her roots.
Samuel Harrison’s family has dark mysteries of its own. He’s left to pick up the pieces of his father’s financial business scandal, and battle a controlling mother. And while his professional life is a vision of OCD on caffeine, his personal life is starving for organization. From grocery shopping to caring for his rambunctious Irish Wolfhound, Melanie Carson is an answer to his prayers, even if his mom doesn’t approve of allowing a stranger access into his home and life.

As Melanie and Samuel’s relationship begins to blur, will secrets from both families threaten to turn them against each other?

Thank you for your interest in my books!​​​​​​ My first novel is on submission to publishers. While I wait to discover where God places that story, I'm working on the next two books in the series. You can read the summaries of each below.

Under Southern Stars (On submission to publishers.)
Genesis Award Finalist, Orange Rose Winner, Cascade Award Finalist

British actor Matthew Roberts secretly hates the assassin role he’s famous for. The negative lifestyle his movies promote are the opposite of the simple existence for which he longs. But his emphysema-stricken father depends on the money Matt brings in, and his gold-digging sister has grown accustomed to the luxury his career affords. When the anxiety that’s plagued him for years morphs into full-blown panic attacks on the red carpet, his best friend provides the needed remedy: a getaway to his cousin’s house in the quiet countryside of Louisiana. If the charming area isn’t appealing enough, his sassy hostess, with her enamoring wit and guarded nature, captures Matt’s attention.

After a shocking public breakup with her high-profile fiancé, Ella Stahman turned her sights and prayers toward a private life. Two years later, her meddling cousin thinks it’s time for her hiding to end. He shows up on her secluded doorstep with her worst nightmare—British heartthrob Matthew Roberts. Although Ella aches for love and finds herself drawn to Matt, being dragged back into the media’s terrifying sights isn’t an option.

Matt begins to see a new future, away from public life, but his manipulative sister has other plans. As Ella and Matt’s tender relationship grows, lies and past insecurities threaten to rip them apart. Will they put their trust in God, or allow self-doubts to destroy their true desires?